What Makes a Great Pair of Headphones?

Headphones fall into the group of products that we don't give much thought to when we go shopping, at least for the most part. After all, headphones aren't particularly expensive, and anything that isn't particularly expensive doesn't require much consideration when purchasing - or does it? Any set of headphones is as excellent as the next, we argue, alleging that the many characteristics that headphone manufacturers boast about are merely marketing gimmicks devised by rival headphone manufacturers to gain an advantage over one another.

Of course, as anyone who has used a variety of headphone sets will attest, "a headphone set is not a headphone set," as there are significant disparities in performance amongst the various headphone varieties available. The differences in performance across headphone sets can be so significant in some circumstances that they can hinder productivity (in the case of professional headphones) or the user's listening experience (in the case of recreational headphones).

In the end, headphones are divided into three categories: good, fair, and terrible.

The sound production qualities of excellent headphones, for example, are generally superior. These are measured using factors like as sound clarity, sharpness, balance, and support for a wide range of sounds, among others. And, because headphones are primarily purchased for the purpose of sound transmission, how well a headphone set performs in the sound quality production category is likely to account for the highest share of the final score.

Comfortable headphones are also common among the best headphones. On the other hand, we frequently come across headphones that are a health danger because they are likely to leave you bruised - highlighting the importance of paying close attention to wearing comfort while assessing headphones. This is a crucial feature as well, and it is likely to account for a significant amount of the overall grade awarded to the various headphone sets. When headphones are to be worn for long periods of time, such as in a call centre or DeeJaying setting, this may turn out to be the most important shopping consideration in terms of headphones - because some headphones that are otherwise great in all other aspects can often prove to be unbearable when wearing comfort is questioned, thereby consigning them to the trash.

Because we live in an image-obsessed world, the best headphones are aesthetically pleasing as well. Because various people have varied aesthetic preferences, the aesthetic component is sure to play a variable role in determining how well different headphone sets perform in the end.