AUDEZE LCD-X HEADPHONES Planar Magnetic Audiophile Studio Headphones (ORIGINAL)

Price: £630.00

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Ear-Cup (Over the Ear)

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What the Seller Says

AUDEZE LCD-X HEADPHONES Planar Magnetic Audiophile Studio Headphones - ORIGINAL, NOT RE-RELEASE. Anyone who's looking for these cans probably already knows all about them. These are some serious end-game audiophile headphones. I believe these are the original release or at least not the 2020 re-release. They are well-used after being used in my home studio for years as my main cans. They are well known for being built like absolute tanks though so they're still in full working condition and sound better than ever but may need the pads replacing eventually as they've definitely lost some of their bounce (these can be bought easily for around £50). I'm including a cable which still works great despite being a bit twisted. I am also including the ""lohb" style headband which most people seem to prefer for comfort, I personally prefer the original headband which is what is currently attached to the headphones, but you can swap these over if you like. I am also including the awesome original Audeze carry case which does a great job of protecting the cans on the move. Please let me know if you have any questions.