High performance Teflon Copper-plated Silver Line AUX audio cable HiFi Aux Cable 3.5mm to 3.5 mm Jack Audio headphones Cable


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Model no: aux-dy1
Color: white
Material: Teflon Copper-plated Silver
Connector classification: AUX three.5mm headphone Stereo metal plug
Connector material: 3.5mm diameter   24k gold plated 
Length:  30cm 50cm 1m 1.5m 
Application: Vention three.5mm AUX audio cable utilized to vehicle stereo audio, also connect laptop, mobilephone, MP3, DVD, TV, Computer, CD, Amplifier and stereo; transfer audio signal , record between multiplay devices.
Usage: Insert one plug into the three.5mm socket of mobile phone, PC, MP3 etc, and insert one more plug into the the three.5mm jack socket of vehicle stereo audio devices etc.Then music is coming!
Advantage: Utility design, high pure Copper-plated Silver Line chip, gold-plated connector. High quality, high performance
Package Included:
1 * AUX three.5mm headphone Stereo Audio Cable

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