3.5mm Jack Aux Cable for i6 i5 iPhone 5 6 Samsung Xiaomi 3 MP3/MP4 3.5mm Car Stereo Audio Cable Wire Headphone Speaker AUX Cord


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Brand: Bay Bridge

Model: KQ7783

Specification: 3.5 pairs of three.5MM audio connection lines

Length: 0.5 m.0.75 m.1 m.1.5 m.3 m.5 m.8 m.10 m.12 m.15 m.2 m 20 m.30 M

Color: gun color.

Features: Standard three.5MM gold plated plug, compatible with all three.5 devices, pure tone.

Apply to: notebook, MP3.DVD. TV. Radio. Computer.CD. The connection between sound. And transmit their audio signals as well

To obtain between equipment and equipment to be recorded. Also can be utilized to the vehicle audio signal transmission. The quality of the bay bridge will give you a top quality audio adventure


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